Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekly Rap Battle Recap: Feb. 22nd - 28th

It's been a pretty good week for the scene. Here's to hoping we get Ness Lee v DBD or Rone v 360 this week.


Grind Time: BOLA 4 - Dizaster v QP | Full Review

Considering the circumstances it was a pretty decent battle though obviously it doesn't really compare to what the Dizaster v DNA match would have been like. A bit too much filler from Diz and a few stumbles from QP but it's definately worth a watch.

Grind Time: Dirt v Godzilla | Full Review

Great battle. Probably Dirt's best performance to date and probably his best opponent as well. His third was fucking unbelievable. Watch this.

KOTD: 2 v 2 Beatbox Battle

Apparently this was the first of it's kind. Great idea and it was reasonably well executed though it drags on a bit long.

Basementality: Okwerdz & Dizaster v Shazaam & Nils m Skils | Full Review

One of the most enjoyable battles of the year so far. Considering the Swedish duo are rapping in their non-native language they were extremely impressive. Nils m Skils freestyles blew me away. Okwerdz was a bit of a let down, Diz had a decent performance.


DNA Spits His Bars For Dizaster

DNA shows what one of his rounds for Dizaster would have looked like. Judging by the bars we've seen from both of them (Diz's in the QP battle) it would have been a great battle. Shame that it almost certainly won't go down now.

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