Sunday, February 13, 2011

Intuition - Sanctuary (Prod. Diabia$e)


Not too sure what, if any, release this track is from but judging by its quality I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a part of some project or another. This joint takes a look at the life of two characters, one, a woman who is in a physically abusive relationship and two, an ex-prison inmate.

The Diabia$e (a dollar sign, really?) beat is fantastic, with some beautiful strings adding emotional weight to the story of the two characters. Intuition is such a pleasure to listen to as well; his flow and delivery are both so smooth. In this track his delivery works against him a little though with the content calling for a bit more emotion than Intuition’s voice provides. Otherwise he does a great job of portraying the two characters and in the latter’s case, turning someone very easy to hate into a sympathetic character.

‘It was my sanctuary, my safe place
Where I could go escape hate and sing while my face ached
I don’t believe in much, that room gave me great faith
That I’m a be alright though my life been mistake laced’


For more Intuition check out his latest release, Girls Like This


  1. nice song, definitely going to search for his latest release

  2. You're absolutely right, the beat makes this song all that much better. It gives the song an uplifting feeling which may or may not be warranted when you actually listen to the song. Two thumbs up.

  3. nice! thanks for download link

  4. Whats with all the dollar $igns in word$ today, seriously, it$ annoying.