Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grind Time BOLA 4 : Predictions

With BOLA 5 going down in less than 24 hours I thought it was finally time to put in my predictions for the major match-ups. Unfortunately there's been a lot of last minute trouble, so the flyer above you is not 100% accurate. DNA v Dizaster has fallen through due to disagreements over time, twitter threats and who knows WTF else. PH v Jaze Juice, the long awaited grudge match, has fallen through as well for unspecified reasons. So instead we have Dizaster v QP (who has 3 matches now for the night!) and the two battle rap legends Thesaurus and Mac Lethal taking each other on in a last minute freestyle battle. There's also talk of another Dizaster match but atm it's all very unclear as to WTF is exactly happening.

Thesaurus v Mac Lethal
- Freestyle battling is where Thesaurus is in his element (2 time everything does include 2 WRC's and 2 Scribble titles) and there are VERY few MC's who i would predict to beat him in this format but it just so happens that Mac Lethal is one of them. Mac Lethal has plenty of experience within the format and his last match (a return to battling after a number of years) against Dirtbag Dan contained, possibly, the best rebuttals i have EVER seen ('spit more Mac than Conceited' anyone?) and it's off the strength of that performance that i'm giving him the W

Dizaster v QP
- This ones a bit of a No brainer. Dizaster is one of the top 5 MC's in battle rap right now imo and QP, while decent, just can't compare. With more preparation i'd predict a bodybag but on only a couple of days notice that seems less likely.

360 v Rone
- I feel this'll be one of the closest matches of the night and is probably the toughest match to predict, one of my favourite Grind Time MC's against 360 who is probably Got Beef?'s best battler. 360 is a bit funnier but Rone has the superior schemes and real hard hitting lines. This could go either way though, great to see 360 in Grind Time as well!

DirtBag Dan v Ness Lee
- I'm of the 'DirtBag Dan is overrated and robbed everybody' camp so it's little surprise i'm going with Ness here, who is a top 10 MC in Grind Time with the potential to beat pretty much anybody and his match vs Illmaculate is possibly my favourite match of  2010 and one of the greatest ever. Bender and Dirt are the only other 2 comparing with Ness when it comes to rhyme schemes and the man has style out the ass! Another possible bodybag.

Well those are the major match-ups though there's around 18 matches total taking place. I'll be posting the best of the battles up on the blog with my thoughts when they're released.


  1. Dirtbag Dan is the man, the guy is lyrically insane.

  2. Sounds pretty intense, never heard of this before!

  3. Don't know any of these guys so I'll look into them. Hopefully they're better then all this bullcrap come out nowadays.

  4. This is new to me but it catches my interest. I've seen random vids of battle rap, but I didn't know it was this popular. I'm not a huge fan of radio/album hiphop except when it gets the girls shaking their booty on the dance floor. Freestyle rap is truly an art form on the other hand. Cool stuff.

    I find it highly ironic that the ad under this post is for Justin Bieber tickets. I laughed.

  5. sounds cool, looking forward to the battle clips and your review.

  6. I wish there was things like this in Australia...

  7. Never really heard of any of them but I'll be checking them out soon! Thanks

  8. I'm in the same boat as metalpark. Gonna check 'em out. Thanks for the share. I would have never found out about this otherwise.

  9. Will there be a livestream I could watch?

  10. Unfortunately not, but I'll be posting the video's up as soon as they're released to youtube.