Thursday, February 17, 2011

Track Review: Trem - Omega Man (Prod. Prowla)

'We from a lost land where theres MC's not pop bands'

That opening line should give you a good idea straight off the bat of what type of Music this is. It's battle rap reminiscent of the 94-95 Illmatic era where it's all about respect and skills on the mic not money, fame or sales. It's a style that's done quite poorly by a lot of Australian MC's. Not Trem. The man who's looked upon as probably THE greatest wordsmith in the Australian scene doesn't let down all those who've suffered the comparable-to-detox length wait for the album.
“We from a lost land, where the clock’s hands is stopped, 
before the rot set in, before they shot Scott La Rock, 
before the shops stocked rap in a section called urban, 
and every third person’s thinking they’re word surgeons
but ya'll vrigins, first come first served
n squirt ya nut with the first pump and call curtains
I got this bitch skirt hitched up mid tit-fuck
But it ain't feel the same since the game got that nip-tuck"
This track is a fantastic of example of battle rap done well with no forced multi's, some content and some great metaphors scattered throughout. The Prowla beat sets the mood perfectly with a raw, eerie, almost horror movie like vibe to it. He did a great job with the chorus as well, changing the sample cut each time and incorporating them into the verses at points. It's refreshing to hear some actual scratching in Hip-Hop.

Rating: 9/10 

While your waiting for the album to drop i recommend taking a lot at the excellent Lyrical Commission album (of which Trem is a member of) named The Stage Is Set.


  1. This one was pretty nice, excellent stuff.

  2. This track was great, and it's message could be applied to a hell of a lot of music nowadays. And during the chorus I had flashes of Jedi Mind Tricks. Always a good thing.

  3. real poetry! Hate to see people talk shit bout hip hop.

  4. Nice beat and great flow. Will check out the stage is set.

  5. True underground rap here, too much mainstream nowadays.

  6. I can dig this tune, man. Keep up the reviews, we need more people like you blogging.