Thursday, July 14, 2011

Track Review: Esso - What If It Was You

Download: Esso - What If It Was You

What a chillingly beautiful chorus. The perfect sample for track with this type of content. Speaking of which, in this track Esso lays out how it might feel to walk in the shoes of societies most shunned or despised (by some, at least, and celebrated by others) and offers explanations for why it is they may make the decisions they do, and asks you if you'd do any different in their situation.
And what if it was you with that felony to your name,
always in and out the system even though you wanna change,
you never gon' get that job no matter how hard you explain,
you grew up in the hood, would you right be right back pitching 'cane?

And what if you was a star, everyone know who you are,
would you make it rain in strip clubs after buying out the bar?
Or would you right those songs that could change somebody life? Or feel like if you tried they'd ignore and treat you like, your outta sight..

Rating: 8.5/10

Track Review: Bizzle - This Aint Love ft. Lavoisier & Sevin (Prod. Boi-1da)

Off Bizzle's Tough Love & Parables album.

Download: Bizzle - This Aint Love ft. Lavoisier & Sevin (Prod. Boi-1da)

It was the Boi-1da production that got me to check this out but i'm glad i did. The production is excellent, led by some epic, sweeping strings and layered piano. With the three MC's, some lack a little presence and some don't have the most dynamic flows but all have fantastic lyrics and insightful commentary. Pretty much, all three of them call out and make known all the hypocrisy present in anyone who justifies horrible actions in the name of love. Yes, that could very easily come across as corny but there's just too much realism infused in the content for that to be the case. This is the type of song you would play for an imbecile who claims rap is all 'gangster thuggin bullshit and and lacks any substance'.
Risk your freedom and your life for keys to beamers and some ice,
You can't be beatin on your wife and teach your seeds about what's right,

Rating: 8.5/10

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Track Review: Nikki Jean - Million Star Hotel ft. Lupe Fiasco & Black Thought

Off Nikki's album, Pennies In A Jar, coming out tomorrow.

Download: Nikki Jean - Million Star Hotel ft. Lupe Fiasco & Black Thought || Lyrics

This is one hell of a track. I can't seem to find who produced this effort but whoever was responsible deserves a heap of credit for the brilliant orchestral production, the way the tracks mood shifts and change-ups are handled and how Nikki's vocals were mixed. For those not familiar with the name, Nikki was the vocalist who contributed to Lupe's The Cool, where she contributed hooks on 'Hip-Hop Saved My Life' & 'Little Weapon'. Lupe and Black Thought both contribute stunning verses centered around well constructed metaphors, so, when i say Nikki was just as critical to this track, that should tell you something about her performance.
But, I'm not really wanting for too much
I could feel like a millionaire with a few bucks
Whether in black Chucks or a new tux
Some take note but never give two fucks
Whether Wu-Tang Clan or the Klu-Klux
Wonder how the world gon' handle the new stuff
Find true love, that's my new drug
Nikki Jean get the orchestra cued up
This was everything a Lupe Fiasco / Black Thought collaboration should be.

Rating: 9.5/10

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Track Review: Mr. J. Medeiros - Serious ft. Stro

This is off Medeiros' latest release, Saudade, out now.

Download: Mr. J. Medeiros - Serious ft. Stro

Medeiros' rapping is just so easy to listen to. The voice is unique without being too distinct, the flow is effortless, the rhyme schemes are flawless and there's just the right amount of lyricism for if you're not in an overly analytical mood. Stro's vocals are really growing on me as well and the singer does a good job with this track here.

Rating: 8/10

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First Class ft. Wale, Big Sean & B.o.B

Download: First Class ft. Wale, Big Sean & B.o.B | Lyrics

Not too sure where exactly this cut is from. Nonetheless, i'm struggling to find much to say about it. Not a single facet of the song was disappointing..was it a good track? Yes. Does any part of it stand-out? No, not really, it's just your regular laid-back production and 'a day in my awesome life' content.

Rating: 7/10

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Track Review: Consequence - On My Own ft. KiD CuDi (Prod. Kanye West)

Originally slated for Cons Tv, this is now slated to appear on Movies On Demand 3.

Download: Consequence - On My Own ft. KiD CuDi (Prod. Kanye West) | Lyrics

Consequence is solid as usual on this as speaks indirectly on his recent label situation and what he's learnt from it.
When you on the road to riches and you get to where the road stops
people in your life are either shortcuts or roadblocks
I felt his verses were a little short but. I have mixed feelings though about both the Kanye production and the KiD CuDi hook. I think the vocal samples are used well but i'm not a fan of the strings Ye' sampled. As for the hook, there's something about CuDi's 'forever' refrain that just rubs me the wrong way but other than that it's enjoyable enough.

Rating: 6.5/10