Monday, February 7, 2011

Elzhi ft. Royce Da 5'9 - Motown 25 (Prod. Black Milk)

' n****s call me arrogant
That's because I'm confident, I found it when I found a pen

It'd be hard not to be a bit confident, arrogant or downright cocky after releasing a track like this. Back in 08' when this first dropped with Elzhi's Europass CD I played the hell out of it. Then i forgot about it for a few months until the song re-appeared AGAIN on Elzhi's debut, The Preface. And then I played the hell out of it all over again. Elzhi's combines some great schemes with one of the best flows in the game while Royce comes in and shows why, at times, he's capable of possibly having THE best flow in the game. This is when Royce was probably at his peak (prior to his falling off post-Bar Exam 2) and he was capable of outshining anyone and everyone. Not to be outdone, Black Milk, one of the best producers in Hip-Hop and a personal favourite of mine, whips up one of his trademark vocal sample led beats that's just as much a  highlight as either of the verses.


If you're keen for more Elzhi check out his debut album The Preface


  1. haha do you know earl sweatshirt?
    mad smart,
    act ignorant...

  2. Damn! This isn't my sort of music, and even I can tell that it is brilliant!

    Great stuff.

  3. Not bad.. coming to a movie trailer near you :p

  4. This is what's keeping hip hop alive, not that lil wayne shit