Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Don't Flop's Blood In The Water 4 Pt. 2 Line Up

Eurgh's pulling out all the stops for Pt.2! I'd be excited enough just to be seeing Respek BA back in the ring at all, let alone against Illmaculate. Should be interesting to see how Okwerdz and Dizaster combine as a team (and how Okwerdz fares away from home) and  to see what Lego/Tenchoo come up with when faced with the opportunity to face off against two of Grind Time's biggest stars. Add in a battle with one of my favourite KOTD MC's in Loe Pesci plus a Cruger battle and this has all the makings of a great event.

As usual I'll post my predictions just before the battles are set to go down and will review the battles once they drop.

While you're waiting check out some of these battles to hype yourself up:
Illmaculate v Eurgh
Respek BA/Stig v Whashisface/Possessed
Dizaster v Sensa
Loe Pesci v Tantrum
Lego/Tenchoo v Gasp/Depths
Cruger v Jack Shitt