Friday, February 25, 2011

New: Iron Giants - Never Ever

Download: Iron Giants - Never Ever 

I already placed this track in my 'playlist of the week' a couple of days ago but i thought it deserved it's own review. This is a battle rap track that doesn't skimp on the chorus or beat. Most battle rappers seem to feel that as soon as they lay their bars down the beat and chorus are just accessories that they can half-ass. In contrast this track has a fantastic beat with a dominating and prominent vocal sample setting the eerie tone and one of the better rapped choruses i've ever heard, full stop. It's an aggressive chorus packed with energy that has lyrics good enough to be used within an actual verse.

Of the duo, Cire's verse is the highlight of the track.Wird of Pley's 16' is nice as well - he has a really aggressive, commanding delivery that suits the beat perfectly - but his tendency to have so many 'half-rhymes' is a little off-putting.
'You motherfuckers can't compete with what i say off top
that's like standing next to Picasso with a crayon box'
'My moods are hydraulic, it's nauseating to ride with him'
I look forward to hearing more from this duo. Until then you can catch them in a 2v2 coming up at KOTD we're they're competing in the 2v2 Grand Prix. I suspect their style will translate well to the rap battle format.

Rating: 9/10

Recommended If...: You always wished you could find battle rappers with  that real aggressive delivery that actually had some decent lyrics.

Further Listening: Check out Wird of Pley's debut Grind Time battle. Highly recommended.
Grind Time: Wird of Pley v Heem

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  1. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. reminds me of old wutang