Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Look at the Hopsin & Novi Novak Beef, Round 1

Cue angry stare in 3, 2, 1...

Download: Hopsin's Diss | Novi Novak's Diss

 On Sunday night Hopsin took to Facebook to post this comment:
OK. Someone tell this IDIOT Novi Novak That I will personally MURDER ANYTHING he stands for in rap if he speaks my name again...Test me! you do not want any problems with hopsin. I promise.
I'm still unsure as to what triggered that comment from Hopsin. Novi Novak then replied with the following comments:
lol dude sounds identical to Eminem in 2000. I mean COMPLETELY Identical. COMPLETELY... Flow delivery style etc. lol I dont even need to talk to him he's giving me FREE publicity on his facebook page lmfao. I'm already further than him and ...ive been around 1/3 of the time. My lyrics speak for themself.. Hes talking about sneaking in drakes crib and killing and a bunch of other shit he would never do in his life then calling other rappers fake and wack. This guy has lost his chex mix.... Hypocritical in each and everyone of his own songs... lol G/l fuckin with me man

Faggots riding around on a skateboard with zombie eyes in... this is hip hop you moron

lol what a waste of time.... Ill just shit on him with my fan base and Album hit songs. Im real as they get. I dont care about him lmfao

lol bro has his eye pierced... Ill beat his head in with his skateboard... tellm i said that.. haha im out though I got ish to do LMFAO sag my pants... he dissin wayne and everybody tryin to get a name for himself. dudes covered in wack juice. Tellm make a diss song then. Im outtttt.
Now, normally this type of drama doesn't really interest me but then Hopsin dropped a diss track which was nice enough for me to post, so i figured that some background on the situation was warrented. Then, an hour or so ago Novi Novak decided to respond.

Hopsin's Diss

Novi Novaks Diss

I think the song titles and the fact that Hopsin mentions Novi's name a couple of times and Novi declines to mention Hopsins once shows who has more to gain from this beef. Still, popularity has never been an indicator of musical talent so let's see what the diss records were like.

Hopsin's Diss:
Clocking in at just under 1:30 it seems pretty obvious that Hopsin put this out ASAP to capitalise off the beef as quickly as possible. That said, apart from the tracks length there's no indication that the diss was rushed in anyway; it's a trademark Hopsin track, great delivery, great flow, decent lyrics. As per usual you get a couple of corny shock-value lines from Hop (though his fans eat them up so it's no wonder they're always included), a couple of lines that sound forced and a couple of harder-hitting lines. I especially liked
'Lil B's level is one, but yours, it goes below that'
Novi Novak's Diss:
Content wise, as in personal disses at Hopsin, this track takes the cake no question. He goes at Hopsin's acting career, his attention seeking namedropping, how his style is incredibly similar to Eminems and how Hopsin's first diss really didn't 'diss' Novak much at all. Generally I agree with everything he saids. The problem, though, is that Hopsin is clearly the better rapper. Novak's flow is constantly thrown off when every couple of bars he throws too many syllables into the line. Lyrically he comes across as pretty standard. He has a couple of nice lines - the' fur ball' and the 'blood spots' lines in particular - but there's a lot filler as well.

As for who 'takes the first round', it really comes down to what your looking for in a diss record. Is it more important to show who's the better MC or is it all about who can point out the most flaws in the other person's persona?

I'm sure in the end this whole beef will be just another opportunity to witness the stupidity of Hip-Hop fans who like to choose sides, become complete dickriders for one artist and proclaim everything the other side puts out as wack, no matter what.

Winner: Charlie Sheen


  1. Never heard of either of them, but this Novi straight up destroyed that dude to fucking shreds. I feel bad for him just listening to it

  2. This is the first listen ive really given to either of these cats, but this round im leaning towards Novak....

    great write up btw...


  3. Imma start with, imma bigger fan of Hopsin, however novi had better disses, but he wa offbeat ALOT which takes away pounts plus he was 2nd, which gives u more of an advantage, however this isn't fair anyways cu hopsin made a third diss an KILLED everything on it, with the buildup that novi gave himf rom responding he ended everything (so far) in a BEAST of a track!

  4. what was the 3rd dis? i only kno the first one novak diss and the 2nd was dont tell smokey tho...

  5. Fuck Novi straight junk FV romp Hopsin all the way SwizZzle C'mon son!

  6. Man Hop fuckin murdered this cat Dont Tell Smokey Doe...

  7. all ya can suck my balls thanks

  8. Hopsin is clearly the better rapper. I dont care what Novi says about "not knowing hopsin", he fuckin did his homework.. and in the end had more stuff to diss about. but his flow is wack. Hopsin wins primarily because of the entertainment value of his disses are better

  9. Novi Novak.. da name wack, flow garbage, swagg city.. dis dude need to stop. Hop killed dis nigga

  10. hopsin definitely win novi sounds like garbage

  11. If it comes down to sound of the rapper, why is there so much love for lil wayne

  12. www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbqsQDUsjLs

    here is Hopsin's new Novi diss. He even states in there that he just threw something together quick to lure him in.

    BTW: he KILLS novi on this one.