Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shad - Yaa I Get It (Prod. EOM)

' They spell it S.H.A.D.D. the way i spazz out '

And boy does Shad spazz out. This track is from the Canadian MC's third album, TSOL , which - out of the 80 odd Hip-Hop releases i listened to in 2010 -  was my second favourite album of last year. Yaa I Get It was the lead single and saw Shad jumping on a more 'aggressive' beat then we've been accustomed to seeing him spit over and while I feel he's more at home on the laid back production (i.e Listen) he certainly doesn't disappoint on this track. Bars bars and more bars is the name of the game and Shad goes flat out for 4 minutes non-stop, no chorus. It starts a little slow but his last 16 bars are jaw-dropping. Combined with the fantastic production from EOM and Shad has himself a winner.

' Guitar playing emcee, Yea i'm known for spittin'
While i'm tappin on my fender like cars in a slow collision
The precision of my flows in terms of tone an addiction
Is akin to that of the old masters of prose and fiction
So many sold their souls , my soul ambitions
To hold solace so calm and bright as a solar system
I'm from a soul tradition; heads think I'm going to prison
Cause I'm talking off this rap sheet with the most conviction



If you were feeling this check out the album, TSOL


  1. Might just check this one out :)

  2. nice track, will take a listen to the album, thanks!

  3. Good shit bro! Real rap for real people!

  4. wow, good video, i'll have to get the album sometime, thats a sick flow.

  5. Love this, classic stuff and perfecct delivery.

  6. This is the kind of music that must be played to the masses. It's a pity they don't understand or appreciate what this art is TRULY about. Best blog I've seen all day, looking forward to reading more from you!