Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekly Rap Battle Recap: Feb 8th - 14th

Continuing on from the Weekly Hip-Hop recap's i'll be posting every Monday I thought I'd post a summary of the week gone by on everything relating to the battle rap scene, including the latest battles (of note), flyers and any others news relating to upcoming events or the scene in general.

For a more in-depth look at any of the battles posted click the 'review' link above each battle.

Dirt v Skillet | Review

Definately worth checking it out just to see Dirt kill it.

Po’Rich v Illusion Z | Review

Illusion Z's final battle and a worth one at that. Po'Rich puts on possibly his best performance yet.

News/Flyers/Upcoming Event Info:

Great Line-up. Wrote my thoughts on it over here

This flyer's being posted purely for the Main Event, Dirt v Johnny Storm. Great to finally see Dirt get a big name at last.

Grind Time announces an Australian Division:

Grindtime Aust is official!!!

make sure you subscribe to www.youtube.com/grindtimeaust
to keep up with battles...
this is gonna get crazy, we got some massive things lined up for the upcoming year, including your favourites like justice/60/dote/purpose aswell as alot of up and comers to definatly look out for....
aswell as bringing alot of unexpected names from ozhiphop aswell as plenty of international matchups

Great look for the Oz battle community and i'm especially hyped to hear Justice will be battling again. Well, i'm about to prepare for the Soul Khan v Fox & Thesaurus v Mac Lethal battles dropping today, probably my two most anticipated battles to be released. It's a good day for rap battle fans.


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