Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New: Tonedeff - Bang

Download: Tonedeff - Bang

It turns out that UFC fighter Chris Camozzi is a Tonedeff fan and has asked him to create the walk out song for his fight at UFC 127. This has what you'd expect for a walkout track; a fairly aggressive chorus, some in your face double time, some fighting metaphors and wordplay, some....Oh, wait...did i mention the incredible fighting metaphors and wordplay?
It’s unanimous, I consider decisions a loss,
Cause son, I’m a closer, coming to finish the job
Snakey slick talkers get unhinged at the jaw
Brother, you’d think they’re confessing sins to the father the way that they kissin this cross
The beat lets the track down though. It's a sparse, distorted-bass heavy beat but the bass doesn't pack enough punch for my liking. Also, the bass effect added to Tonedeffs voice works really well but it needed to be placed on the intro and outro because in comparison they sound really weak and half-hearted, compromising the tracks energy.


Rating: 7.5/10


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