Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Phonte - Blessings (Prod. Khrysis)

Download: Phonte- Blessings (Prod.Khrysis)

This is a previously unreleased track Phonte recorded in 2002 for a solo album by the name Tigallo Must Die which never eventuated. The track is a tribute to his fans and a shoutout to all his fellow artists he shared the journey with.

In the track Phonte's as sincere and honest as ever, breaking down exactly where he was at, at that point in his life. Khrysis lays out a mellow laid-back beat, perfect for the subject matter. Phonte uses the chorus to shoutout all his fellow artists and while the sentiment might be nice, in practice it ruins the flow of the track. I also noticed a couple of lines where Phonte had rush his delivery and compromise the flow at the end of the bar. Still, it's certainly worth a listen and has it's moments.

I guess that's why i couldn't fuk with the material
Coz' when my album drops, there's no tellin what the shit'll do
Whether y'all bang it in the parking lot
Or sell it for 99c in the bargain box
Just know a n***a put his heart in it
His whole heart in it, the pains and the scars in it



  1. I turned this on and started to do other things and completely forgot it was playing. Just kinda zoned out. Was nice.

  2. wow first comment!

    how do you find all these great videos! love the rhymes...