Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rap Battle Review: URL Presents: Soul Khan v Fox [Body-Bag!]

The much awaited body-bagging of Fox has finally arrived. As is usual, in the time that's passed since the battle took place the performances of both battlers have been exaggerated. I didn't feel Soul Khan was as strong in this as he was against Deacon Frost and I didn't feel Fox was quite as bad as he was made out to be. Yes he was bad, but he wasn't deserving of that little reaction from the crowd and the booing/talking over. It's expected that it'll happen in New York but it still doesn't make it any less pathetic. Soul Khan had some brilliant concepts in this, possibly the best he's ever come up with. The problem was all the filler in between. I've never seen him spit so many corny momma'/girlfriend jokes before.

Because this was such a bodybag I don't see much reason to break down who won what round per'se. Soul Khan won all three by a landslide and Fox had nothing much worth quoting or talking about. He came off super weak tryna play the race card and was awkward to watch throughout, though at least some of that was the crowds fault. I think instead i'll just post some of Soul Khan's best moments.

The NY Burroughs tribute/shout out where he flipped a host of famous tracks from artists from the 5 Burroughs was absolutely brilliant. When he first began i thought it was a real weak way to win the crowd but he actually executed the concept brilliantly.

The whole 'scheme' that ended in 'Smack who is this fella?' was hilarious as was Soul Khan's look at Fox's 'quotes'.

 ' I bet you aint no Maino til' he dropped Hi Hater
I been Hip-Hop since Q-Tip talkin bout sky pagers
You never comprehend the products of my labour
 I'm King Kong clutchin a blonde chick on a skyscraper
I already turned down offers from 5 majors
 While you couldn't fly here without heartless' pop's paper'

That was probably my favourite scheme from the match and one of the reasons why in general I think Soul Khan is more suited to URL. It's a shame about all the corny lines Soul Khan said in between all this, I feel it'll really kill the battles replay value, or, at least, the replay value of Soul Khan's rounds....only Masochists would bother watching Fox's 3rd round again.

Victor : Soul Khan

Rating 7/10



  1. Soul Khan was ok. But yeah the crowd was out of line at points to Fox. Fox played the race card so much though lol.