Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: Grind Time [BOLA 4] - Thesaurus v Mac Lethal

After both the Dizaster v DNA and PH v Jaze Juice battles falling through  at BOLA 4 this last minute match-up was organised as a replacement. With only a day to prepare both MC's put on a hell of a performance.

Round 1: The highlight of this round is clearly Mac Lethal's rebuttal scheme which was out of this world. I seriously have no idea how that was even possible. That said, the rest of his round wasn't as strong and Thesaurus' had a bunch of hard hitting lines and great schemes as well.
'See you can say that you're the livest but i've slayed and murdered giants
twice as great as you in life, now it's David vs Goliath'
Who Took It: Tie

Round 2: This was probably Thesaurus' best round and he had a couple of great rebuttals such as the Real Deal flip and the
'Pretend that you're Satan you'll get left with a halo'
Mac Lethal probably had the line of the match though with the
'Like the BOLA, DNA didn't show up'
The rest of Mac Lethals round wasn't of the same calibre though and Thesaurus was consistent all the way through.

Who Took It: Thesaurus

Round 3: Both MC's seemed to lose a little bit of steam in this round and this was where Mac Lethal's never ending face jokes were starting to feel played out. Thesaurus' flip of the 'debo shit' where he continued the scheme was probably the rounds highlight.

Who Took It: Thesaurus

Victor: The Saurus

General Thoughts: It seems pretty clear that Thesaurus had more written material than Mac Lethal and subsequently his performance was a lot more cleaner. When looking at rebuttals as well though Thesaurus' came out a lot more natural and were less recognisably freestyled by delivery alone. In general Thesaurus' was brilliant and was as nice in this battle as most of his previous ones where he had over a month to prepare. Not to take anything away from Mac Lethal though who did a great job and proved that his rebuttals versus DirtBag Dan weren't a one off freak-of-nature occurrence. He was let down though by the continual and often unoriginal face jokes. Obviously - being that he had only 24 hours to prepare - this is forgiven but it insured that his rounds generally paled in comparison to Thesaurus'.

Rating: 8.5/10

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  1. Seemed like some material was staged, but still entertaining nevertheless.