Sunday, February 27, 2011

EP Review: Made In Heights - Winter Pigeons (Produced by Sabzi from Blue Scholars)

Download: Made In Heights - All The Places

This is a must listen for any Blue Scholars fan. Sabzi, one of Hip-Hops best producers, teamed up with relatively unknown singer Kelsey. Dubbed as a 'side project' this EP is short, only 3 tracks long with a bonus track. While not a Hip-Hop release, it is, however, some of the best production i've ever heard from Sabzi. Kelsey is a talent herself; her lyrics are filled with evocative imagery and her delivery is rap-inspired at times, as in the EP's best track, All The Places.
My mind is in the heaven and my shoes are in the mud
leaving traces size 7 running in my royal blood
In a piece of news welcome to all Blue Scholars fans Sabzi has remarked that the album is finished, so we can expect a release in the not too distant future. I can honestly say that i would anticipate just as much a full length Made In Heights release after this EP and I hope one eventuates.

To purchase and stream the whole EP head on over here

Rating: 83/100

Further Listening: Check out either of the Blue Scholars albums, Blue Scholars and Bayani.



  1. perfect for the mood right now... thanks for sharing

  2. 92! That's a lot.. I'm checking this out ASAP. Thanks

  3. What a chill song. Thanks for putting this out there...