Saturday, February 12, 2011

KOTD: poRICH v Illusion Z

First things first, that intro song sounds incredible, i’ve gotta get a hold of that ASAP. And lmao at PoRich’s little quip in the intro, that mans got a quick wit. Also, avocado wins in general for capturing the battle in such awesome quality.

General Thoughts:
Po’Rich has been constantly improving with every battle since WRC 07’ and  I feel like, after this battle, is worthy of being known as one of the top 5 battle rappers in KOTD. This battle plus his battle with Soul Khan, Sensa and his recent 2v2 were all great performances.

Sadly, this was Illusion Z’s last battle, but he certainly went out on a high note with a pretty decent performance up until the third which he killed, though not in the normal sense. I felt the crowd slept on him as well, though his delivery problems didn’t help that.

The Breakdown:

1st Round: One of the most immediately noticeable features of Illusion’s verse is the ‘iffy’ delivery. It was certainly lacking throughout the battle and Po’Rich’s aggressive commanding delivery only makes it look worse in comparison. Still, Illusion went in on that 1st round and his

Dig deep inside yaself’

Was a really clever play on Po’richs ‘dick deep inide ya bitch’ intro/slogan/catch-phrase/whatever the fuck you wanna call it.

Po’Rich came even harder this round though, with a dominating presence combined with an alcohol-inspired (and almost definitely fuelled) torrent of bars.

‘What you call binge drinkin, I call hockey night in Canada’

‘They call me wigger, but I am black on the inside, my liver is fucked!’

‘…employee of the month an I don’t even work there’

Who Took it?: Po’Rich

2nd Round: Some really nice schemes from Illusion during this round with the
get rich and die tryin’ one a highlight.

Rich then came straight out of the box with what was probably the best rebuttal I've seen since Fresco’s ‘Mind Body an Soul ’ with,

yeah I’m a juggalo, fucking faggots, how do they work?

Rich continued to kill that second round and finished it off with a great piece of wordplay with the ‘gringo’ ‘grin-go’ line.

Who Took It?: Po’Rich

3rd Round: This saw Illusions spit a really heartfelt verse - looking at his struggle in the recent past with drugs and alcohol – that (regardless of what he said in the verses intro) remained applicable to the battle due to Rich’s drunk persona. It really takes some courage to come out and spit something like that in another country. His
‘Don’t have the human power to beat the illusion’ scheme was great. The round was reminiscent of Defron's 3rd verse against Ilyak over in 'Got Beef?' .Illusions round really took the the momentum away from Rich and his third didn’t hit as hard because of it.  That said, it was still full of great lines...

‘air him out in front of his peeps and deflate his ego’

‘your no illusion just a prestige about to drown in a glass case’

Who Took It?: Tie

I thought Teacozy from over at the RapMusic forums summed up the battle nicely:

 ‘This whole battle felt like an intervention. Illusions' first two rounds being "this is what's the matter with you" and all of Rich's rounds being "so?", with that third being really poetic and explaining the first two verses.’

Victor: Po’Rich


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