Saturday, February 26, 2011

Basementality: Okwerdz & Dizaster v Shazaam & Nils m Skils

In case you're wondering who the hell Shazaam & Nils m Skils are, they're a Swedish (Shazaam) and Norwegian (Nils m Skils) duo who perform in the Swedish based battle league Basementality. Not only did this pair have to face two of the biggest names out of the US but they had to do in their second language. Not only did they put on a great performance they maintained it over 44 minutes. Yes, you heard right. This battle went for 44 MINUTES!

This was possibly the most enjoyable battle of the year so far. Not the best, but most enjoyable. Shazaam was fairly decent (which I imagine makes it very likely he's incredible when he raps in Swedish) but Nils m Skils was the highlight, not just of the pair, but of the whole battle. His dead-pan delivery was hilarious and man can this guy freestyle. I can't even conceive how hard it would be to freestyle well and fast (pretty much instanteous at multiple points in the battle) in a second language. At one stage Okwerdz interrupts a line briefly to which he instantly responds
This motherfucker needs to stay in check though
Saying something during one of our verses, thats okward and dizrespectful
Not to mention me he started his first round with 4 flips in a row. Thats not to say that his writtens weren't great as well. Probably the best part of the battle was when he had a go at Diz's persona and how it reflects on his culture
It's like your saying 'watch out', i'm muslim i'm real evil
bitch, in viking heaven we get drunk and kill people
Dizaster was decent. A lot like his QP battle he had some great lines and a lot of filler. The battle was 44 minutes long this time though so it can probably be forgiven. Okwerdz was the weakest link and was as ordinary as his last few performances. His fortune cookie line was great though. It's hard to look too much into either of their performances though because, not being able to read or understand swedish, they were always gonna have a tough time writing many personals and they have felt the need to 'dumb it down' a little, performing for a crowd who's first language isn't English.

I actually feel that the Swedish team may have won. They were more inconsistent but they also had the bigger haymakers. Either way it was an incredibly enjoyable battle and I would love to see Nils m Skils come out to KOTD's World Domination or Grind Time's MOB2.

Rating: 8/10

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  1. Hahahaha This is sooo awesome! Watching it now. I'm laughing really hard!

  2. I've always had a hard time listening to rap battles, I respect the art and all, but I never understood the idea of dissing each other back and forth like that.

    Sweden wins just for sounding cooler. (;

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