Monday, February 21, 2011

New: 360 - I Hate You

Download: 360 - I Hate You

While waiting for his battle with Rone from BOLA 4 to drop 360 continues to release new music from his upcoming debut 'Falling and Flying'. What i'm loving about his recent music is that he's managed to make commercial pop-influenced Hip-Hop without it selling like soulless sellout garbage. On this track here he touches on a couple of his pet peeves that i'm sure most can relate to; from the etiquette of shouting drinks to having a girl fuck us over. Don't let the jovial atmosphere fool you though, hidden underneath are a couple of serious issues that also touched upon. I'm sure the little refrain every 4th bar and the catchy chorus will ensure it's a hate it or love it track for most; personally it gets a 'strongly like' from my corner.

Rating: 7.5/10

Further Listening: 360 has released two mixtapes in the lead-up to his albums release, Please Be Seated 1 & 2. I'd also recommend this little number, also off Flying and Falling which has one of my favourite choruses from the year so far

Watch out for his upcoming battle with Rone from Grind Time's BOLA 4 as well.