Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blu, Freddie Gibbs & Homeboy Sandman - In

Download: Blu, Freddie Gibbs & Homeboy Sandman - In
In what is an unusual collaboration that i'm sure no one was expecting but everyone's happy to see, Blu, Freddie Gibbs and Homeboy Sandman rock over a real head nodder with a great bass and a wonderful -what sounds like dub-step inspired - chorus.

Blu is as smooth as ever with his laid-back flow and rhyme schemes effortlessly woven within his verses. No York can't come soon enough. Blu's followed up by Freddie Gibbs who probably proves to be the highlight of the track with his rapid fire flow taking centre stage. Homeboy Sandman closes the show, with his slightly unorthodox flow and delivery and, well, style in general, complementing the track nicely.


You can check out the full project that this release is from, an EP put out for free by The Clubhouse, over at their Bandcamp


  1. like this song, thanks for the DL

  2. Checking them out now, only because you gave them such a decent rating =P

  3. Sounds good! It's kind of refreshing, spaced out for a while with this...

  4. I understand what you mean by the "dub-step inspired - chorus". pretty sweet track.

  5. That was banging, their EP is free so I'll go check it out soon.