Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Saigon – Bring Me Down Pt.3 ft. Joe Budden

 It seems with both this and the bonus track released a couple of days ago that Saigon’s left some of his best material from ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’. His verse on this is better than any other battle rap verse on the album and would have been one of the best on it, period! The original (Ok well not original but Bring Me Down Pt.2) is one of my favourite songs off the album, largely due to the fantastic chorus and superb production where the guitar loop and great use of vocal samples create a real ‘pump you up’ type beat. It was nice to hear Saigon doing some double time as well, I wouldn’t mind seeing him give it a go more often.

Not to be outdone, Budden lays down a great verse that on first listen might seem to pale in comparison to Saigon’s, but after you come to terms with how nice Saigon’s flow and schemes are you start to appreciate how great the lyrics are in Joey’s verse.

‘My rock bottom’s like a goal for you’

‘Out-matched, out-classed there’s nothin you can teach me
In order to bring me down gotta be able to reach me’

Credits got to be given to Saigon for, first off, besting Black Thought on the bonus track ‘Too Long’. I didn’t see that coming. Now he’s gone toe to toe with Joe Budden as well, one of the best lyricists in Hip-Hop right now.

For more Saigon check out his latest release, The Greatest Story Ever Told, out now.



  1. I've been saying this for 2 years now: Saigon is a BEAST. It's a shame he'll probably never get rich.

  2. This seems like a pretty sweet collaboration. two of the artists you've been talking about. i think it flows very well.