Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New: Lupe Fiasco - Joaquin Phoenix (Feat. Travis Barker)

Download: Lupe Fiasco - Joaquin Phoenix (Feat. Travis Barker)

This track's from Travis Barker's 'Let The Drummer Get Wicked' mixtape that was just released. Unfortunately the tape is hosted by DJ Whoo Kid who does his best to ruin the song with an (as always) unnecessary rewind part way through (the above version is without it thankfully). Luckily he went easy on the drops on this particular track. The beats OK, though that annoying 'clicking'-percussion sound in the background needs to go.

Lupe's got his 'Say Something Freestyle' flow going on as he proceeds to kill the track. He starts off a little slow but by the end pulls off a great performance.
Flow is in the microwave, call it Michael Tyson flow
Killin is a Dirty Job, Michael Myers Michael Rowe
Bring it back like Michael Fox, see how far them Michaels go?
"I feel like I'm Michael Crichton, writing with a microphone
LASERS can't arrive soon enough.


Rating: 8.5/10

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