Saturday, February 12, 2011

Grindtime Now Presents: Dirt vs Skillet

First things first, Skillets dickriders need to shut the fuck up. When will MC’s learn that having your crew hype everything up and moaning after every line just makes you look bad?

Anyway, back to Dirt, who’s slowly pulling apart the style of every gun rapper throughout his battles. First DeastroDollar, now Skillet. Oh you pitch and talk about it in your verses? This is why you don’t. You think you know shit about guns? I know more. You wanna commit crimes? This is how you do it. Of course he does this with a crazy ass flow and multi’s flying everywhere.

So Hi!, I clap nines and I sell crack dimes
Got strippers sniffin fat lines of each others backsides
If we’re talking about money my money is stack high
And if we’re talking swagger my swaggers so swaggerific just look at me act fly
Yeah that shit was corny but before you ask why
It don’t sound any better coming out of a black guy’

He also manages to be funny at times without even switching up his aggressive delivery. With a record now at 8-1 and a whole host of great performances under his belt this guys set to be the next big thing and I’m glad he finally got a big match up against Jonny Storm at the next Grind Time FL event.

7.5/10 (Skillet brings it down)

Watch out for his next match with Godzilla supposedly dropping soon and check out his last match with Deastrodollar


  1. I agree with the fact that he got his crew behind him. Remember one episode of ''Yo mama'' a show about rap battles. In the final battle at the end of the episodes they always faced in a final & had friends as audiance and they 'wowed' at any lame joke.

    Also the white dude was nice.

  2. Interesting. I've never really watched anything like this before. I'm impressed by how quick they are.

  3. Skillet tried to intimidate and win on emotion. No need to shout all his verses. Let the words do your talking. Dirt blew that off and was all over Skillet. No contest. That didn't need OT.