Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Review: Grind Time: BOLA 4 : Dizaster v QP

This battle was originally supposed to be Dizaster v DNA but after DNA pulled out QP put his hand up to take his place only two days before the battle was scheduled to go down. This was ON TOP of the fact that he had two other battles that day. Quite a task. That's most likely why this battle was only one round each, unlimited time.

I guess the most noticeable aspect of QP's performance was his lack of delivery and projection. This isn't normally a problem for him so it almost certainly can be put down to the extremely rushed preparations for the battle. I imagine it's hard to really deliver your lines like you mean it when you're concentrating on remembering what exactly the next bar is. He certainly had some weak lines in there as well but over all I think the crowd slept on him a bit. The highlight of his round was probably when he broke down the wordplay in his lines, I found that hilarious. Overall his performance was fairly decent and it's honestly pretty to hard to criticise the guy given the conditions.

This was a really mixed performance. Dizasters round was riddled with both great lines and filler. Yes, he only had two days to prepare as well but his round went for so long (10 minutes or so) that he could have cut out 3 or 4 minutes worth and put on an awesome performance. That would have made it easier to prepare within the limited time he had available. That aside he had some great moments; his Soul Khan impression was extremely on point and given how QP was crushed by SK at MOB the 'ohhh no not him again' closer was great. I'm glad to see he addressed DNA as well and showed us a little of what his bars for him would have been like.
' This whole battles a preview,
of how you get your ass beat when you bite off the hand that feeds you'
As is expected, a lot of Dizasters bars don't look quite as nice on paper as when he performs them but with that said these were two of his better moments in the battle:

'I'll show up to the front steps of your home and wear, regular employing clothing ware
Ring the door-bell like 'ding-dong', "hello, your there?"
'Yeah mam' we came to fix your broken chair', *chk-chk*, 'we're with home repairs'
Act like i'm not focused but i'm so aware, as soon as I see her coming down the steps and approach the stairs
Open the door and give her the coldest stare then pop her in the vocal box walk off and leave her croakin there,
vocal chords exposed to open air, THAT's my rebuttal for choking, there!'

'Soul Khan put you so far in the ground,
that i'm a need a sonar in a boneyard just for your skull shards to be found'

Victor: Dizaster

Rating : 7/10

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