Monday, March 7, 2011

Shad - Time ft. Promise [Perfect Score]

Download: Shad - Time ft. Promise

Unfortunately this version is just a webrip, the only way to get a CDQ version right now is through itunes.

Apparently this a Bonus track off TSOL yet only just released. This joint would have been right at home on the LP, with Shad using time as a foundation to speak on wealth , Hip-Hop and the journey towards success. Shad's first verse is just brilliant; metaphors and wordplay abound and Shad shows how to pull it off without compromising the content of the verse. 
wishin every minute just talked, ticked off, just watchin tic-toc every minute,
times money, money talks, false profits/prophets,
limited to no dividends, just loss, every minute countin cost
Apparently these two have a couple more tracks in the bag so hopefully they see the light of day soon.

Rating: 10/10

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