Sunday, March 13, 2011

Novi Novak - Marcus Who? (Part 2) [Hopsin Beef Cont.]

Download: Novi Novak - Marcus Who? (Part 2)

And the diss tracks continue...After Hopsin released 'Don't Tell Smokey Doe (Part II)' a couple of days ago Novi's hit back with this track here. Quite simply, this is bodybag material. From the humorous intro to the hilarious 'Stan' parody this track has made it real hard for Hopsin to come back from. A lot of what he said was on point; the fact that most of Hopsin's disses weren't even personal and that touring is far from any sort of excuse for a sub-par effort. It was nice to see Novi's dodgy flow even improved a little from this track to his last (it could still use some work though). I can only hope he channels this kind of creativity into his music in the future.
I just don't want you to go and do some crazy shit,
I saw this shit on Youtube a couple days ago that made me sick
Some guy was whack, start dissin like a bitch
Then this white guy came back and completely killed his shit
And on the song it said a name, but not the rapper it was to,
Come to think about it...the name was you...

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  1. ATE HIM UP. Very creative with the format....punchlines/content.....great.

    ill chalk this one up to Novak as well....

  2. that stan parody changed like one word per line from the origional.. that doesnt take talent. novak bored me.