Saturday, March 19, 2011

O'Doyle Rules - Diabolic, Apathy, Paradime, Joe Scudda, Rob Kelly, Ryu, Mac Lethal

Download: O'Doyle Rules ft. VA

Here we have a posse cut full of MC's who all share an Irish heritage with the track being released the day before Saint Patty's day. As expected the production is dominated by an Irish 'horn' sample and obligatory Irish references are included in the verses. Diabolic and Apathy (unsurprisingly) have the two best performances here, the 3 relative unknowns who make up the tracks middle are alright and Ryu and Mac Lethal finish the track off well enough. Decent, but nothing special.

Oh, and does anyone else think Paradime sounds like Joell Ortiz with an Irish accent?

Rating 6.5/10

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