Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weekly Hip-Hop Recap Feb 28th - Mar 6th

For most people this week probably failed to live up to the high expectations they had, but for all that there was still a lot of good Hip-Hop released.

Tracks are in order of quality

Shad - Time ft. Promise | Review
Side Effekt - The Essence (Instrumental) | Review
Reks - This Is Me
Intution - BSTU (remix) | Review
Treble and Blues - The First Time (Instrumental) | Review
CunninLinguists - Hard As They Come | Review
Big K.R.I.T - Dreamin'| Review

If you're looking to download an individual track just click the review link next to each song, there’s a link on that page


Lupe Fiasco - LASERS

 While pretty much everyone was disappointed by this release it’s hard to deny that it’s still at the very least a good album and its standout tracks hold up well against the high points of Food & Liquor and The Cool. It’s the low points the album experiences that ensure it’ll never be seen on the same level as his previous two releases.

Raekwon - Shaolin v Wu-Tang

 I tend to judge Raekwon releases by the production and the guest verses as raekwon himself doesn’t hold that much interest for me. I thought the production was a mixed bag and ditto for the guest verses.

Reks - R.E.K.S

 Really enjoying this. A little inconsistent (like every Reks release) but I’d say this is his strongest album yet.

Treble and Blues - The Blue Note

 Not much to say about this except that if you enjoy jazz influenced Hip-Hop you’ll love it.


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