Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Khaled. M - Can't Take Our Freedom ft. Lowkey [NSFW]

Download: Khaled M. - Can't Take Our Freedom ft. Lowkey

In light of the current situation in the Middle East Khaled M and Lowkey put out this inspiring track couple with a rather confronting and disturbing video. Definately NSFW.

It doesn't feel right to 'review' this track like i normally would so i'll just post up some choice quotes and let the music (and video) speak for itself.
We are not afraid anymore, you can not play god with our lives,
You're attempting to cage every thought, but the resistance is locked in our minds
I taste the blood, taste the sweat
Taste the tears aint taste regret
This aint about my father getting retribution
or my uncles getting tortured by electrocution
other uncle's getting hung at public execution
just simply coming up with the best solution
An I don't know why it seems that this guys regime
keeps pushing through the silent screams
Won't take half an hour to figure that this coward
only gets his power through violent means

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  1. Powerful, especially during this time. Thanks for sharing, always looking forward to your posts