Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hopsin - Don't Tell Smokey Doe (Part II) [Novi Novak Beef Cont.]

Download: Hopsin - Tell Smokey Doe (Part II)

After the first round of diss tracks Hopsin has hit back with this record here. The consensus (so far as it's possible to determine one on the internet) seemed to be in favour of Novi but this track here is the best of the three diss records released so far. Hopsin finally decides to get personal and while he doesn't have as much ammo as Novi does his superior skill when it comes to, you know, rapping, helps ensure that Hop's first lacklustre effort is overlooked. My only (regular) complaint is his persistent use of corny lines which doesn't show any signs of stopping. 'Flows nasty like anchovies' and 'Only time your nuts is when licking your daddy's ball sack' are oh so cringe-worthy.

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