Thursday, March 10, 2011

Asher Roth - More Cowbell (Prod. Blended Babies)

Download: Asher Roth - Cowbell

Asher goes in for almost 3 minutes straight here over some great production by the Blended Babies, sampling the infamous Will Ferrel and Christopher Walken 'Cowbell' skit from SNL. Ever since Asher left behind the mediocre album that was 'Asleep in the Bread Isle' his style's gone from a gimmicky persona to a more well-rounded artist. There's no comparison between what he was putting out in '09 and the flow and rhyme schemes evident on this track here. As he saids in the last bar of the track..
'My styles like a mix of Kool Keith and Roofies'
..and i doubt I could find a more apt description for the random, off the wall yet intriguing lyrics he brings to this particular track


Rating: 8/10

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