Thursday, March 3, 2011

2.0 Boys - Eminem, Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf

Download: 2.0 Boys - Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf

So, the big posse cut finally came out. It seems the labels childish fetish for toilet humour hasn't abated unfortunately. Here's my breakdown verse by verse with an inclusion of all the shit and piss references.

Royce: All in all this was a pretty nice verse from Royce but - as usual - it was let down by a couple of bars that just didn't work, such as the opening few and the 'drown a fish' (wtf?) line.   7

References to shit: 1

Eminem: This is the usual 2011 Em verse; average delivery (no yelling this time though), nice flow, nice rhyme schemes that contain no content and say nothing clever and a bunch of immature shit and piss references.   6.5

References to shit: 1  |  References to piss: 2

Joell Ortiz: Coming off a string of weak verses this actually wasn't too bad. Nothing incredible but a step closer to the old Joell that could put out something like 'Bricks'.   7.5

Joe Budden: This was the best verse on paper (surprise surprise) but Joe sounded asleep at the wheel here, delivery was sorely lacking.   7

Crooked I: The epitome of 'forced' rapping right here. His rhyme schemes and the way he enunciates  in his delivery couldn't come across more unnatural.  6

References to shit: 1   |  References to piss: 1

Yelawolf: I actually don't mind Yelawolf on guest verses. A whole album of his material (or even a single track tbh) is WAY too much but his unorthodox delivery and flow adds a nice change of pace when delivered in small doses.   7

References to shit: 1

Total references to shit: 4  |  Total references to piss: 3

Overall the track was about what i was expecting (yes, even the toilet humour) which was something decent but still far short of what any of the artists are capable of. But when the fans gobble up their latest work and shower them with praises who can blame them for not changing their ways?


Rating: 7/10

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  1. Yelawolf's verse is dope! Now I see why Slim signed this dude. Wasn't a huge fan of him in the past.

  2. Total references to shit: 4 | Total references to piss: 3

    xD I love that dude, nice analysis. :P