Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekly Rap Battle Recap: Mar 8th - 14th

I hate to say it but this was another week filled with disappointments. To varying extents I was anticipating all three of this weeks major battles and while they were still entertaining to watch not a single one of them lived up to expectations. Hopefully you'll find them more enjoyable than I did. Maybe next week Grind Time will finally release one of the bigger battles from BOLA 4.


Pat Stay v Arsonal

Pat Stay's comments on the battles many incidents can be found here and a live spectator at the event gives his thoughts here. Pretty much, Arsonal agreed to having the battle judged, then changed his mind and said only if unlimited time rounds were allowed. Pat said no to unlimited time rounds, hence the fact the battle was promo. Check the above links for a more detailed break down of the situation.

As for the battle itself, I found it to be pretty disappointing (though judging by the reactions across the net I'm in the minority). Arsonal has a great delivery and flow but anyone that's seen more than one or two of his battles starts to realize that these just cover up the fact that he rarely saids anything personal or clever. Half his bars are corny 'I fucked your momma jokes'. Pat Stay himself had a decent showing but it didn't compare to his last battle against Hollohan.

If performance is what you're looking for then you'll feel Arsonal won, if it's lyricism then Pat Stay. Personally I feel Pat Stay took it but the battle was a bit of a let down regardless.

Yung Ill v Rich Dolarz

Rich Dollar was a little better than expected...which isn't saying much. Looking at the performance aspect Yung Ill killed it. Unfortunately he was really weak lyrically. Pretty average battle all in all.

Cruger v Madness

I won't spoil it but this was a robbery. Which isn't to say that the person who should have won really did that well, it was just that the other person was that ordinary.


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