Thursday, June 23, 2011

Album Review: Drapht - The Life of Riley

The Life of Riley is the Australian MC's 4th release and he's continued to develop his sound with each album he puts out. Trials is on deck as the producer half of Brothers Grimm and continues his run of the last few years with another string of fantastic beats. On this release Drapht continues to move away from the battle rap multi filled style of his 'Pale Rider' days but he continues to improve his song structure and put forward more insightful content than he was capable of in his younger days.

What you're left with is some great production well complemented with dynamic hooks and an MC with a unique voice and versatile and varied content. As a whole the release is a successful cross-over album that'll garner commercial appeal while still appealing for the most part to his core fan-base.

Highlights: Sing It, Down, Good Morning
Lowlights: On and On, Murder Murder, Air Guitar (great lyrics, horrid beat and hook)


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