Monday, June 27, 2011

Album Review: Bad Meets Evil - Hell: The Sequel

Ten years ago a Bad Meets Evil release would have been up their as one of my most anticipated releases ever. Nowadays though Eminem has fallen off possibly worse than anyone else ever before (admittedly he had a long way to fall) and Royce has been mediocre ever since he dropped BE2. Eminem is as expected on the release; a horrid screaming delivery, great flow, decent multi's, some of the worst and most forced punchlines you're ever likely to encounter and pretty much zero actual content. For the most part Royce is actually pretty good but he has his fair share of forced punches as well.

Cough from all the smoke, I'm tryna stay on fire
So you know if I hate fucking water sprinklers, I don't love the hose/hoes

Nowhere near a toosh, in fact if I jump out a bush
In a sneak attack's the only way I say I am-Bush

Both in the same verse as well. Someone desperately needs to let Eminem know that he can't write a decent simile to save his life.The album's production is hit-an-miss but mediocre for the most part. Bruno Mar's chorus on lighters gets old after around 3 plays and Budden and Ortiz are the only ones half decent on the slaughterhouse joint, 'Loud Noises'. The lack of any real content and the glaring flaws in relation to lyricism prevent the release from having much in the way of replay value. Some decent choruses and the odd Royce verse is the only reason I still play anyone of the songs (Take From Me, Above The Law, Fast Lane) at all really. Those with a fetish for multisyllable rhyme schemes will enjoy the release (really, the rhyming is impressive in parts but just as often forced), most everyone else will find it listenable for a short while (they do both have great flows) and forget about it come years end.

Highlights: Above The Law (Royce's portion anyway)
Lowlights: Kiss, On Everything, Lighters

Rating: 6.2/10

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  1. These days it's Eminem who?

    Kinda like Doctor who but bad.