Monday, June 27, 2011

The Catch Up Pt.4 (Drake Edition)

Part 3 of The Catch Up is over here

In the lead up to his sophmore release, Take Care, Drake has been dropping a few tracks to build the hype up.

Dreams Money Can Buy (Prod. Noah “40″ Shebib) | 8/10
Noah samples the catchy Jai Paul number 'BSTU' to carve out a backdrop for Drakes in your face 'fuck your life, mines better' raps. Drakes' transitions between singing and rapping are flawless as he seamlessly drops in an out of his roles as an MC or vocalist without a misstep.

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Marvin's Room (Prod. Noah “40″ Shebib) | 9/10
Both '40' and Boi-1da don't get the praise they deserve for their production, probably due to the fact their beats are not normally as epic or grand scale as your average mainstream 'banger'. I've always said Drake is nothing particularly special as a stand alone MC but he does know how to craft a great song (and album for that matter). Marvin's Room is a great example of both my above points. Every facet of the song works perfectly together to help put you in Drakes exact mood of 'lonely arrogance'.
I don't think I'm conscious of making monsters
Outta the women I sponsor until it all goes bad
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Trust Issues (Prod. “40″ and Adrian X) | 8/10
Some more fantastic synth-heavy, 'brooding' production. Only a few bars of straight rapping and a few sing-song melody rapped bars though so be warned if you're not a fan of the singing Drake.

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Part 5 (The Kendrick Lamar & Black Milk edition) coming soon.

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