Friday, June 24, 2011

The Catch Up Pt.3 (J.Cole Edition)

Part 2 of The Catch Up can be viewed here.

In an effort to not hear half of 'Cole World' before it's even released i've held off listening to 'Cheer Up' and 'Lost Ones' for the moment.

How High | 8.5/10
The first few times I heard this track I pegged it as a decent track and nothing more. However, it hasn't lost any replay value in the 15-odd listens i've given it so far and i'm at a loss to pinpoint why. Sure, the track has no real flaws but it has no real highlights either. I think this a case where the sum of the whole outweighs the parts.
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Return of Simba | 9.5/10
As the 3rd entry in Cole's series of 'Simba' tracks, 'Return of Simba' lives up to his forbearers. As I've said before, Cole's production is criminally overlooked and this track is as good an example of that as you're likely to find. This track is straight quality, no corny lines or punches here.
‘Cause I only made classics, now what that take? Timing
Cole under pressure, what that make? Diamonds'

Workout | 6.5/10
Th production on this lead single for J.Cole's upcoming 'Cole World' has a lot more depth to it than most give it credit for. Cole's lyrics, on the other hand, are probably as shallow and lacking as we've ever heard from him. The incredibly cliche and overemphasised 4 bar bridges are particularly cringe-worthy. Still, for what it is, it's a decent enough track, mainly due to the production and chorus.

Pt. 2 of The Catch Up can be found here.

Pt. 4, the Drake edition, coming soon.

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