Friday, June 24, 2011

Album Review: Blue Scholars - Cinemetropolis

With their first full length release since all the way back in 2007, Blue Scholars are back with another impressive record to add to their catalogue. As always the production is the highlight as Sabzi moves into my top ten Hip-Hop producers of all time with a slew of synth heavy masterpieces that sound nothing alike his previous production. Geologic is back in form, as the oft-overcriticised MC adds his Def Jam Poetry-esque style to the LP with more varied content than we're used to seeing from. The political and social activist is still there but the more personal and every-day man behind the mic is more visible than ever. For the first time I can remember Geologic has impressed me lyrically, with more complex and poignant tracks than previous releases.
If it spins on a reel, it's gotta be real
But 'real' in real life just remind us of film
And now you saying something's like a movie when it's real
like a film's much realer than anything you feel
Unfortunately Geologic does lend Cinemetropolis a degree of monotony. The MC has never been known to have a versatile flow or delivery and over the course of 15 tracks it starts to grate on you. A few more guest verses or dynamic choruses may have helped solve this but the album lacks both.

Highlights: Cinemetropolis, Hussein, Anna Karina, Yuri Kochiyama

Lowlights: Slick Watts

Rating: 7.3/10

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